Understanding the fact that the concern on road safety is shared responsibilities of Government, civil societies, stakeholders like Media, NGO and every common man in the society, we have established, Rise Up- a Jharkhand based non-profit organisation in 2016 which is constantly working on untouched issues of road safety. It is established to impart education and spread awareness on road safety measures through reason based campaigns and workshops for creating the accident free roads. Rise Up got the prestigious WRI award for ……………….

Our Philosophy

Death from medical reasons is unavoidable but death in accidents could be avoided, if taken certain precautions. The concern on road safety is shared responsibilities, we do need better roads, good traffic standards and more services but before that we all need to be responsible citizens. Loosing lives on road crashes are much more painful.

Our Vision:

“To emerge in providing services on road safety where there is zero road death, injuries and people can get around in ways they are safe, sustainable, healthy and fair”.

Our Mission:
  • To affects attitude and behaviors, policies and investment to achieve our vision.
  • To relieve the suffering of people bereaved or seriously injured in road crashes